The Association of the elevated mixed layer with significant severe weather events in the northeastern United States

Peter C. Banacos and Michael L. Ekster

AMS Weather and Forecasting
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I. Introduction

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II. Lapse Rate Tendency Equation

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III. Data and Methodology

NEUS Significant Severe Reports (1970-2006)

IV. Synoptic Composite and Trajectory Analysis

700mb Mean Geopotential Height and Temperature Anomaly (loop)
700mb Mean Geopotential Height and Geopotential Height Anomaly (loop)
700mb Mean Temperature (EML EVENTS) (loop)
700mb Mean Temperature (Significant, non-EML EVENTS) (loop)
700-500mb Lapse Rate (EML EVENTS)
PMSL Composite (non-EML EVENTS)
Best 4-layer Lifted Index Comparison

V. Case Studies

Worcester, Massachusetts tornado; 9 June 1953 (supplemental case)

a. Eastern New York/Western Massachusetts tornadoes; 28 August 1973

Auxillary Figures

b. Northern New England and Southern Quebec Derecho; 5 July 1999

Long-Range Composite Reflectivity 5 July 1999, 0016-1059z (KCXX, Burlington, VT)

VI. Conclusions

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