Auxillary Data for Eastern New York/Western Massachusetts tornadoes; 28 August 1973

Figure 1. Severe weather reports for 28 August 1973. Shown are tornado paths (red dots/lines) with maximum F-scale rating, hail sizes (in inches x 100) as green dots, and location of wind damage as blue crosses.

Figure 2. Daily precipitation accumulation average (in inches) for the period 25-29 August 1973. Curved solid black line represents the approximate 96-hour backward trajectory originating at ALB at 12 UTC 29 August 1973, with a notable absense of precipitation along most of the path.

FIGURE 3. Time-height cross section of wind (barbs, kts), potential temperature (solid contours, K), and mixing ratio (dashed grey contours, g/kg) derived from Albany, NY rawinsondes launched 12 (t-12) and 24 (t-24) hours prior to 12Z 28 Aug 1973 (to), as well as 12 hours later (t+12). Destabilization is noted in the 800-500 mb layer at to associated with the presence of the EML over the area.